$130 Million


2 Years


The Boomerang Tower mixed used development, located at Sydney Olympic Park, stands as an iconic structure symbolizing the vibrancy and innovation of the park itself. This architectural marvel is characterized by its sleek, curved design resembling the shape of a boomerang, paying homage to Australia’s indigenous heritage.

Rising gracefully above the landscape, the residential tower with 229 apartments unique silhouette captures attention from afar. Its fluid lines and dynamic form reflect the spirit of movement and energy, making it a captivating focal point within the park’s skyline.

Standing tall, the Boomerang Tower offers panoramic views of the surrounding Olympic Park precinct and the scenic beauty of Sydney. Its observation deck provides visitors with a breathtaking vista, allowing them to admire the cityscape, lush greenery, and the vibrant atmosphere of the Olympic Park.

The structure’s innovative design incorporates sustainable features, showcasing a commitment to environmental consciousness with the inclusion a 6 Star Green Star commercial office. The tower serves as a testament to modern architectural prowess, blending functionality, aesthetics, and ecological responsibility.

At night, the tower becomes a luminous spectacle, adorned with elegant lighting that accentuates its graceful curves, adding a touch of enchantment to the park’s nocturnal ambiance.

Surrounded by a landscape that echoes the beauty of the Australian outdoors, the Boomerang Tower at Sydney Olympic Park stands as an architectural masterpiece, inviting locals and tourists alike to admire its beauty, ascend its heights, and take in the breathtaking views it offers.

Sterling Project Solutions role as the Developers Project manager involved overseeing the design development of the Project, management of the construction tender process and continued with the management of the head contract with the builder (Taylor Group Constructions) throughout the construction period.  Sterling services continued post completion overseeing the completion of defects maintaining stringent quality standards throughout the project’s lifecycle.


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